Monarch Gymnasium, in Northwest Ohio, is a wellness center offering personal fitness, nutrition data, and technical skill training. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that regular exercise has beneficial effects on the body and mind. Our studio, therefore, focuses on the therapeutic aspects of physical activity. We want to improve the overall health of our clients. We believe in equal access to healthcare. So, we strive to reach underserved groups.

General options include flexibility, aerobic, and weight training. Specific options include circus arts and martial arts. For circus arts, we use gymnastic apparatuses such as rope, silk, and net as well as hoop and pole. We offer aerial silk, pole dance, and contortion. We have started rehearsing for festival performances with aerial acrobats of all ages. For martial arts, we use traditional styles for competitive sport and self-defense. We've began building an all-female jujutsu team.

We're part of the Collingwood Arts Center, CAC, housed on an estate bought by Christian Gerber in 1872. The Victorian home on this property was expanded into a theological seminary in 1906 and into an arts college in 1922. Activists have since converted the space into private studios for performers and artists. The original Edwardian stage remains available to CAC residents for theatrical productions. Our entire campus is in the historic Old West End neighborhood of Toledo, Ohio.